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Join Over 70,000 Enactus Students Making a Difference Around the World

All students enrolled at La Sierra University are eligible to apply for Official Membership in the La Sierra University Enactus Team.

Browse our website to learn more about us, view our calendar to find an upcoming meeting to attend, and fill out our short application form to start the membership process. There’s no cost, no obligation, and no risk to joining us and finding out what we’re all about.

Volunteer! We are seeking new members for all of our project teams.

Join our growing team at any point in the year. We are seeking members to provide leadership and support in our eLibrary Project, Growing Hope Project, and multiple internal team departments.

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Giving ONline

Visit La Sierra University’s Secure Donation Page at https://lasierra.edu/donate/. Under “Other,” enter an amount in the donation box and “Enactus  [+ name of the project/expense you wish to support]” in the description box. Continue to enter your payment and billing information. Your donation will be processed, you will be sent a tax-deductible receipt, and your donation will immediately begin transforming lives through the Enactus Field Station.

Giving By Check

Make a check payable to La Sierra University (memo: Enactus). 

Checks can be mailed/delivered to

La Sierra University Enactus
4500 Riverwalk Pkwy
Riverside, CA

How Donations Are Used

Donations designated for specific projects and operations will be solely used for those purposes. Non-designated donations will be applied to the greatest area of need within the team and its projects. 

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Our Partners & Sponsors

Thank you to the dozens of project sponsors, mentors, partners, and community organizations who have joined in our team’s local and global work over our nearly thirty-year history.

Tom & Vi Zapara

The Allred Center

  • Ed Allred
  • Eric Anderson
  • Brittany Atwood
  • Kristine Barker
  • Kimberly Barnow
  • Cheryl Bauman
  • Dom Betro
  • Jordon Blackford
  • Andrew Brooks
  • Sarai Brown
  • George Bryson
  • Mark Chaput
  • Shurui Chen
  • Daniel Chinchay
  • Elizabeth Coulter
  • Jonathan Davidson
  • Jere Fox
  • Mark Gaspar
  • David Geriguis
  • Dan Houghton
  • Amit Jain
  • Wesley James
  • Ricky Kim
  • Mark Lefkowitz
  • Sam Livingston
  • David Lofthouse
  • Jim Manning
  • Stefanie McFarland
  • Donté McCrary-McClain
  • Robert Miller
  • Amanda Oberg
  • Jessica Parazoo
  • Grace Parker
  • Steve Pawluk
  • Andrew Ranzinger
  • Ronald Rave
  • Lovelyn Razzouk
  • Elias Rizkallah
  • Ramli Rolos
  • Joey Romero
  • Cindy Roth
  • Alina Sanchez
  • Tanvi Thaker
  • Kimberly Thomas
  • John Thomas
  • Marilyn Thomsen
  • Warren Trenchard
  • Darla Tucker
  • Jawahar Vasan
  • Shannon Vielmann
  • Natan Vigna
  • Ethan Weber
  • Gary Willis
  • Deanna Wisbey
  • Randal Wisbey
  • Norman Yergen
  • Ron Zane
  • The Zane Family

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